JPN Studios, LLC is a valuable partner to architects, interior designers, developers, builders, industrial designers and real estate professionals. We have experience with commercial, industrial, residential and technical projects of all types and sizes. Our roots in product design and the architectural and construction industries allow us to develop a blend of artistic images which create powerful presentations that are also technically precise. We are proficient in Photoshop, Corel, 3D Studio, SwishMax, and AutoCAD as well as HTML, PHP & Javascript programming. You will find our work ethic and our commitment to your deadlines second to none. Commercial Renderings Architectural Renderings bring your designs to life. Our images are used by architects, interior designers, developers and builders to not only convey their ideas to the clients who are investing in the project, but also to architectural review boards, financial institutions and community planners. JPN Studios, LLC provides cost-effective architectural rendering services which add value to your marketing, advertising, and creative needs. Residential Renderings Whether you are a home builder or a home owner, a residential rendering can be an invaluable source toward the investment of a new home. With a residential rendering, we can help you visualize not only form and mass, but choices of exterior materials and colors without the expense. Builders: JPN Studios, LLC provides residential rendering services that are cost-effective solutions which add value to your marketing, advertising, and creative needs. Site Plans A full-color rendered site plan is an invaluable resource for builders and real estate professionals to market their community projects. Site plans are used in marketing materials, for display in sales centers and as presentations to community officials. A professionally developed, color site rendering is a proven asset to your sales team. JPN Studios, LLC provides site plan rendering services that are a cost-effective solution which adds value to your marketing, advertising, and creative needs. Technical Illustrations Accurate technical illustrations help to convey the functionality and assembly of your product, and identify parts of complicated products. Good technical illustrations are a combination of accurate detail with a simplicity that conveys a products use or assembly clearly. Technical Graphics may also be used to sell potential investors on an idea without the expense of prototyping. Photomontage Photomontage is a useful design and planning aid where a photograph of existing conditions is modified and 'hand painted' to incorporate proposed additions and conditions. Photo Manipulation is the ideal tool for presenting ideas and designs to planning commissions and architectural review boards. Photomontage gives you the ability to present a "before and after image" of the proposed project in its current surrounding context. Marketing Graphics JPN Studios, LLC provides a wide range of marketing graphics services from print to web. Our knowledge of the latest CMYK printing standards will keep you and your company looking great. Although we do not do complete website and maintenance, we are an integral partner in interactive website applications. Our experience in HTML, PHP and Javascript programming as well as Android and iPhone app development will augment your site with the latest marketing technologies. Virtual Walkthroughs Sometimes you just need video. Large projects benefit most from animated walkthrough videos to show the entire scope of work. Videos add life to your project and can be delivered on DVD or optimized for web distribution. 3D animation is an invaluable tool to attract investors and secure capital for large scale projects. Architectural Photography Real Estate Photography An image is worth a thousand words. What your images say about you and your projects is crucial. Today, potential buyers are making the majority of their decisions from the internet. From luxury homes to single night hotel stays, the images you present of your product could be the only thing that compels someone to visit or move on to the next listing. James P. Neidert has been in the building industry for over 25 years. His love of architecture shows through the images he captures. Photographing buildings, especially interiors, is a balancing act of capturing light that requires a skilled photographer with the specific equipment necessary for capturing large spaces in their entirety Site Map
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